News from the Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy

Freshman Scholarships

New ASAC Freshman Scholarship recipients this year are (front row, from left) Anna Lamanilao, Anna Bumgarner, Kelly Tran, Kelsei Harris; (second row, from left) Raely Langston, Catherine Copell, Morgan Mounce, Sarah Turner and Anna Lang. Not pictured: Morgan Bevon and Eric Brooks.

The Adkerson School of Accountancy attracts outstanding students through the availability of scholarships. Many are awarded to upper level students, but one in which students benefit from the outset is the ASAC Freshman Scholarship.

“Thanks to our donors, we’ve been able to recruit some of the top students from Mississippi and from other areas by offering these scholarships to freshmen,” states Michelle Bricka, ASAC’s Business Manager and scholarship coordinator.

This year, eleven new students received ASAC Freshman Scholarships based on excellent high school performance. All freshmen with an ACT score of at least 30 and a high school GPA of at least 3.5 are eligible, and the amounts they receive are based on their ACT scores. To retain their scholarships over eight semesters, they must maintain a 3.25 or higher GPA and, of course, continue in accounting.

The School works to nurture the success of these promising young scholars, which starts with an providing an excellent education in the classroom and goes beyond.

In October, the freshman scholars were treated to lunch with ASAC Director Dr. Shawn Mauldin, ASAC Academic Coordinator Trina Pollan, Bricka and some faculty members. Intended to give the students an overview of how the whole process of their education works, the luncheon discussion covered coursework, internships, getting involved at ASAC, even graduate school and the process of obtaining CPA certification.

The administrators also sought insight, asking for feedback on why these freshmen chose the accounting field and MSU, and they encouraged them to ask questions.

“We told them, ‘Consider this your family while you’re at Mississippi State. We’re here for you,’” shares Bricka. “We want to keep the lines of communication open.”

The event had value for all involved, such that it will be repeated for all freshmen through the year.