News from the Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy

Faculty Updates

The Adkerson School of Accountancy’s faculty and staff work hard to impact the profession and to make a difference in the lives of our students.  Here are a few updates from Suite 300!

Dr. Nathan Berglund

Dr. Nathan Berglund

Dr. Nathan Berglund has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. He also holds the Bill Simmons Endowed Professorship.

The contributions of faculty members Dr. Clyde Herring (left) and Dr. Noel Addy (right) were honored as they retired this past year. ASAC Director Dr. Shawn Mauldin (center) presented cowbells marking their terms of service. Not pictured: Office Associate Margaret Cordell, who retired this year after long and loyal service.

Trina Pollan

Trina Pollan

ASAC’s Academic Coordinator, Trina Pollan, received the University’s Wesley Ammon Outstanding New Staff Advisor Award. She has also become the new advisor for our National Association of Black Accountants chapter.
Dr. Alan Stancill

Dr. Alan Stancill

Assistant Clinical Professor Dr. Alan Stancill has ably stepped into the role of advisor for our outstanding Beta Alpha Psi chapter, which holds top-level Superior status.
Dr. Mike Truelson

Dr. Mike Truelson

Dr. Mike Truelson is our newest faculty member, with the opening of the fall semester. Truelson completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Louisiana State University and his PhD at Virginia Tech. He has worked in auditing with EY in Dallas, TX, and KPMG in Pittsburgh, PA. He begins his MSU career teaching Systems I and Fraud.


Vigorous research enriches and advances the accounting profession, benefiting teacher and student, practitioner and client. The impactful work of Mississippi State’s accounting faculty is in demand for publication in some of the profession’s most elite journals. Among our professors’ recently published articles are:

Dr. Nathan Berglund

  • “Management’s Undue Influence over Audit Committee Members: Evidence from Auditor Reporting and Opinion Shopping” in Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory. 2021
  • “Internal Controls and Operational Performance of Nonprofit Organizations” in the Journal of Governmental & Nonprofit Accounting. Volume in-press. 2021
  • “Do Client Bankruptcies Preceded by Clean Audit Opinions Damage Auditor Reputation?” in Contemporary Accounting Research. Volume 37, Issue 3, Pages 1914-1951. 2020
  • “Determinants of Timely Adoption of the 2013 COSO Integrated Framework” in the Journal of Information Systems. Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 1-20. 2020

Dr. Emily Hunt

  • “Auditor Response to Estimated Misstatement Risk: A Machine Learning Approach” authored with Dr. Joshua Hunt, Dr. Vernon Richardson and Dr. David Rosser in Accounting Horizons
  • “A Hidden Risk of Auditor Industry Specialization: Evidence from the Financial Crisis” authored with Dr. G. Narayanamoorthy, and Dr. S. Rowe in Review of Accounting Studies

Dr. Joshua Hunt

  • “Auditor Response to Estimated Misstatement Risk: A Machine Learning Approach” authored with Dr. Emily Hunt, Dr. Vernon Richardson and Dr. David Rosser in Accounting Horizons
  • “Improving Earnings Predictions and Abnormal Returns with Machine Learning” authored with Dr. James Myers and Dr. Linda Myers in Accounting Horizons

Dr. Brad Lang

  • “Pick a Number between 0 and 100: An Examination of Percentage-Based Scales” authored with Dr. Jared Eutsler in Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research
  • “GADGET: An Accounting Data Generator” authored with Dr. Matthew Holt in the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting 18(1): 113-129

Dr. Shawn Mauldin

  • “Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Whistleblower’s Dilemma” authored with Dr. Robert Braun, Dr. Dann Fisher, Dr. Amy Hageman and Dr. Michael Shaub in Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting. 2021, Chapter 5, Vol. 24, 75-103
  • “Accounting Graduates with Both Online and Traditional Coursework: Impact on Hiring Decisions” authored with Dr. Margaret Boldt, Dr. Robert Braun and Dr. Chuck Viosca in Accounting Education. 2020, Vol. 29, Issue 4. 340-355
  • “Resilience as a Mitigating Factor in a Model of Accounting Student Departure Intentions” authored with Dr. Kenneth Smith, Dr. David Emerson, Dr. Timothy Haight and Dr. Bob Wood in Accounting Education. 2020, Vol. 29. Issue 1, 77-108

Kelly Walker

  • “The Impact of the Facebook Court Order & CCPA 2020: Helping Businesses and Accountants meet the Challenge of the New Era of Privacy Compliance” in the Journal of Accounting, Ethics & Public Policy. 2020