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Why They Share

Lauren Peach

Giving back. It’s a discipline that, when developed at a young age, can blossom into an altruistic spirit that benefits and strengthens our culture and communities.

At the Adkerson School of Accountancy, we’ve found that many of our recent graduates have this benevolent spirit among them.

Lauren Peach, who completed her undergraduate and master’s degree programs in 2007 and 2008 respectively, is one such person.

“I started giving back to MSU financially the year I graduated and entered the accounting profession,” says Peach, now an Audit Partner at KPGM’s Nashville office. “No matter how big or small, the act of giving back reflects my appreciation of those who invested time or money in me along the way and contributed to my professional success.”

Just as significant as financial contributions are the hours that our young graduates contribute to the betterment of our School.

LaDarrion Grant

LaDarrion Grant completed his BS in 2019 and his master’s degree in 2020. He is a Senior Associate with HORNE, now in Ridgeland, MS, overseeing audits and reviews of healthcare entities. He is also a member of the Young Professional Advisory Council, which offers insight into the accounting profession from a young adult’s perspective to the School’s Advisory Council and leadership.

“I decided to join to provide a fresh perspective of the program, being that I have recently completed it,” shares Grant. “In addition, it gave me an opportunity to stay connected to the University and provide my view of the accounting profession as a recent employee.”

Peach serves on the School’s Advisory Council and is also active in campus recruiting at her firm, where MSU is a key target school.

“It is important for me to give back to and promote my university, my firm and the accounting profession in general,” she says.

Both Peach and Grant credit their upbringing to developing their beliefs in giving back.

“I was always taught to share any knowledge and resources I had,” says Grant. “I always heard there was no fun in having something and not being able to enjoy it with others. It is my belief that when I share the knowledge I have, I will receive knowledge that was previously unknown to me in other areas of life.”

Peach credits her parents and grandparents for setting an example to follow.

“They were passionate about dedicating time and resources to involvement in setting local education curricula, teaching Sunday school, coaching sports teams and emphasizing financial support of church and community causes,” she shares. “They also highlighted little ways I could give back as a child, whether it be donating a toy I no longer played with or putting money toward another child’s Christmas via Angel Tree.”

The Adkerson School of Accountancy has been the beneficiary of Peach’s and Grant’s generosity and their families’ legacies, as well as others like them. For anyone interested in getting more involved, we encourage you to contact the School at 662.325.3710, or you may give by scanning the QR code below.

As Peach says, “Giving back ensures others will receive the same mentorship and support I enjoyed at MSU.”

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