News from the Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy

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Ambassadors and Advisors

This year’s Ambassadors, as shown above, are (seated, from left) Katie Horn, Katy King, Allie Pilgrim, Amanda Paris, (standing, from left) Lane Tidwell, Anna Curtis, Ali Buechner and Katie Carroll. Not pictured: Morgan Buchanan and Anna Henderson.

In promoting the Adkerson School of Accountancy and achieving the best possible experience for students, one of the richest resources is our students themselves.

This is the reason that a select group is named to the Accounting Ambassadors/Director’s Student Advisory Council each year.

These ambassadors assist prospective students with the enrollment process, lead campus tours and assist with student orientation. They take part in various outreach and recruiting activities such as college and career fairs. They also represent the school as hosts for alumni, supporters, teachers and employers who visit campus.

“I enjoy educating prospective students on what accounting is,” remarks ambassador Amanda Paris, a junior from Vicksburg.  “And I love promoting the Adkerson School of Accountancy!”

Now, a significant new role has been added for the first time: counseling ASAC Director Shawn Mauldin, who meets with the group periodically through the year.

“When we look at educating future accountants, we consult with alumni and other practitioners about what’s needed in the marketplace. We have a faculty that stays abreast of the latest developments and incorporates them in the classroom,” says Mauldin. “Why wouldn’t we bring student input into the equation as well?”

This year’s Ambassadors are Morgan Buchanan, Ali Buechner, Katie Carroll, Anna Curtis, Anna Henderson, Katie Horn, Katy King, Amanda Paris, Allie Pilgrim and Lane Tidwell.

“They’re a smart, energetic group,” comments Mauldin. “I get valuable insight from them into the student experience and the student perspective, and that helps inform the direction of the School.”

The Ambassadors are selected through a written application and interview process. To qualify, they must be full time junior or senior accounting students with GPAs of 3.25 overall and 3.0 in accounting courses. They must have excellent communication skills and enthusiastic personalities, and they must be able to commit time and energy, even on some nights and weekends. Also taken into consideration are campus involvement and desire to convey pride in accounting and Mississippi State.

The young people chosen as Ambassadors have taken on an important mission as representatives of both our School and their fellow students. Their leadership is helping to enhance ASAC, MSU and the accounting profession.