News from the Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy

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Scholarships and Recognitions Awarded at Spring Banquet

The annual ASAC Spring Scholarship Banquet offers a time when we recognize deserving students and thank the Adkerson School of Accountancy’s supporters. The top graduating seniors and master’s students are honored, and graduate assistants are named for the following academic year. Many scholarships are awarded, and often students get to meet those who have contributed to their education in this invaluable way. Thanks to all alumni, firms and friends who help support MSU accounting students!

Award recipients, graduate assistants and scholarship recipients are listed below the photos. Click on the photos to view enlarged versions.


MSCPA Outstanding Graduating Senior:  Keelyn Frey

FSA Outstanding Graduate Students:  Sara McNair and Brett Garraway

Outstanding Graduating Senior Awards:  Lyndsey Marlene Hopkins, Abigail Wellman, Youngjin Park, Keelyn Frey and Bailey Wright [not pictured:  Will Anding]

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards:  Sara McNair, Thomas Baxter, Brett Garraway and Mai Hoang Quynh Le [not pictured:  Grace McKellip]



Adkerson School of Accountancy Graduate Assistantship:  Matthew Hatcher, Emily Ellsworth, William Kuhn, Huiwon Yang, Wesley Hulett and Blake Townsend [not pictured:  Winburne Hughes, John He, Michelle Lewis and Will Anding]

Dora R. Herring Endowed Graduate Assistantship:  Dr. Dora Herring with Sarah Dorsey

J.H. Kennedy, Jr. Endowed Graduate Assistantship:  Peyton O’Bannon

Mark David Brasfield Memorial Graduate Assistantship:  Elizabeth Patterson



Benjamin Head Memorial Scholarship:  Ira Head (left) and Cherry Head (right) with Jonathan Guel

BKD Accounting Excellence Scholarship:  BKD’s Donna Bruce with Bailey Butler, Ryan Cailteux, Victoria Lightner and Keisha Robinson

Boatner Graduate GAP Scholarship:  Blake Townsend

Bob McCullough Endowed Scholarship:  Caylinne Williams

C Spire Accounting Excellence Scholarship:  C Spire’s Ben Pace with Nicholas Cobb, Hannah Gray and Brittany Johns

CBIZ Accounting Excellence Scholarship:  CBIZ’s Melanie Corrigan with Ali Evans and Kenneth Garraway

Dixon Hughes Goodman Freshman Accounting Excellence Scholarship:  Victoria Lightner with Dixon Hughes Goodman’s Paul Hopkins

Don Whitmire Scholarship:  YoungJin Park, Morgan Cleavelin and Annie Parker

Donald & Linda Garrett Freshman Endowed Scholarship:  Caylinne Williams and Bailey Butler [not pictured:  Haley Sutton]

Ernst & Young Annual Accounting Excellence Scholarship:  James Curtis and Harrison Ciskowski with Ernst & Young’s Richard Wright

Frank Jackson Graduate GAP Scholarship:  William Kuhn, Emily Ellsworth, Peyton O’Bannon, Keelyn Frey, Elizabeth Patterson, Huiwon Yang with Brooks Mosley [not pictured: Winburne Hughes, John He and Will Anding]

Frank Jackson Graduate GAP Scholarship:  Sarah Dorsey

Haddox Reid Eubank Betts LLP Accounting Excellence Scholarship:  Haddox Reid Eubank Betts’ Jan Lewis with Molly Carroll

Horne Accounting Excellence Scholarship:  Hannah Gray, Katelyn Eaton, Jacqueline Monnet, Horne’s Chris Madison, Leyna Hendley, Taylor Newton and Ali Evans

Horne Annual Graduate GAP Scholarship:  Wesley Hulett with Horne’s Chris Madison [not pictured:  Michelle Lewis]

Jobie Melton Accounting Memorial Scholarship:  Zachary Ford, William Keeler, Joshua Wright and Kyle Watson

Joseph McIlwain Annual Scholarship:  Ann Marie Ory

KPMG Accounting Excellence Scholarship:  KPMG’s David Hopkins, William Brown, Andrew Word and KPMG’s Cathy Reid [not pictured:  Ann Mrozinski]

Philip & Sandra Smith Endowed Scholarship:  Adekunle Arunaogun and Carrie McBride [not pictured:  Daniel Newman]

Reginald F. McDonald Annual Scholarship:  Adekunle Arunaogun and Daniel Crews

Roger Hill Memorial Scholarship:  Jamie Allen and Zane Parker

Stephen Burwell Endowed Scholarship:  (front) Hannah Mantini, Catherine Christie, Bailey Wright, Jalisa Slater, Elizabeth Kimbrell, Lara Marshall, Sawyer Leopold, (back) Anne Tatum McPherson, Daniel Garraway, Anna Curtis, Mara Baker, James Edwards, Griffin Brown and Brian Haadsma [not pictured:  Richard Chesnutt and Kristen Johnson]

T.E. Lott & Company Accounting Excellence Scholarship:  T.E. Lott’s Tom Buckley with Shenika Roberson

Troy Baldwin Memorial Accounting Scholarship:  Morgan Buchanan and Thomas McDonald

Warren Averett Scholarship:  Anna Louise Henderson with Warren Averett’s Chip Hoover

Wayne F. Cottingim Memorial Scholarship:  Maxwell Dombrowski

William M. Gulledge, Sr. Memorial Scholarship:  Lane Tidwell, Ranarios Hancock and John Trinca