News from the Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy

Endowed Scholars

Endowed faculty positions are a tremendous asset to the Adkerson School of Accountancy. They enhance the School’s competitiveness in attracting and retaining experts who contribute to the field of accountancy through their teaching and research. Endowed positions both confer recognition for excellence and provide resources for salaries, research and professional development.

We are grateful to those supporters who invest in our School in this way.

The Adkerson School of Accountancy is proud to claim the pictured scholars as endowed faculty members.

Front, from left:
Dr. Laurie Ereddia, Steve & Sherri Sanders Fellowship
Dr. Lauren Milbach, Don & Peggy Whitmire Fellowship
Dr. Nick Cicone, Larry Bell Fellowship

Middle, from left:
Dr. Kyle Smith, Susan Bell Morris Fellowship
Dr. Nathan Berglund, Bill Simmons Professorship
Dr. Brad Lang, Linda Garrett Fellowship

Back, from left:
Dr. Shawn Mauldin, Richard Adkerson Fellowship
Dr. Mike Truelson, John & Flora Watkins Fellowship
Dr. Casey Camors, Steve & Sherri Sanders Fellowship