News from the Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy

Sign of the Times

If you’ve recently driven along Interstate 20 in east Mississippi, your attention may have been grabbed by a couple of rather noticeable promotions. The MSU Meridian Division of Business is taking advantage of the well-trafficked artery with billboards promoting its programs – particularly its new accounting degree.

The Division of Business (DOB) had offered the Accounting concentration on the Meridian Campus since its establishment in 1972 and has graduated thousands of successful students into the accounting field. Many have gone on to achieve CPAs and MBAs while prospering in their professional careers.

“Our accounting graduates are leaders in the east Mississippi workforce thanks to the devotion of the Business Division’s outstanding accounting faculty,” declares Division Head Dr. William Hill. “Dr. Kevin Ennis, Dr. Joseph Faello and the many accounting faculty who preceded them have been central in maintaining a connection between our accounting students and the Mississippi business community. Without question, the accounting program in Meridian has always been an important part of the Business Division's contribution to the region. It is a key part of our brand.”

In 2017, in coordination with ASAC Director Dr. Shawn Mauldin, the DOB decided to bring the Bachelor of Accountancy degree to the Meridian Campus. It required only minor changes to the curriculum to replace the Bachelor of Business Administration with an Accounting Concentration with the Bachelor of Accountancy degree, and the move brought consistency between the campuses. Further, the change allowed accounting students in Meridian the opportunity to achieve the Bachelor of Accountancy distinction, which enhances their competitiveness. Specifically, the degree improves marketability to employers in accounting and other business fields.

The decision to add billboards along I-20/59 was made to broaden the announcement of the new Bachelor of Accountancy degree to a regional audience. As a regional school which accommodates non-traditional students, the MSU Meridian Campus has students who commute up to 75 miles to class. Therefore, promoting on the interstate expanded exposure of the announcement.

“The decision worked,” says Hill. “While we promoted in a number of channels, the enrollment in the Bachelor of Accountancy degree in the Mississippi State University Meridian Business Division has increased 33 percent since fall 2016! The impact has been exceptional!”