News from the Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy

Students and Supporters Recognized

The annual ASAC Scholarship Banquet offers opportunities to recognize academic excellence and pay tribute to the alumni and supporters who invest in our MSU accounting students. The top students are honored, and graduate assistantships and scholarships are awarded. This year, we were joined by many alumni and other representatives who made these awards possible.

This year’s recipients are listed below the photo grouping. Click on the photos to view enlarged versions.


MSCPA Outstanding Graduating Seniors:  Katelyn Eaton and Bailey Butler

FSA Outstanding Graduate Students:  Jason Morgan and Daria Cooper

Outstanding Seniors:  Carrie Ann McBride, Katelyn Eaton, Nicholas Cobb and Bailey Butler

Outstanding Graduate Students:  Jason Morgan, Daria Cooper and Kristen Johnson



Adkerson School of Accountancy 2018-2019 Graduate Assistantship:  Kyle Murphree, Bailey Butler, Ryan Cailteux, Kellin Mackey, Heath Walt, Morgan Stegall, Kaelyn Eaton and Madison Horowitz

Boatner Graduate Scholarship:  Morgan Stegall

Dora Herring Graduate Assistantship: Dr. Dora Herring with Morgan Stegall

Frank Jackson Graduate Scholarship: Ryan Cailteux, Katelyn Eaton, Madison Horowitz, Kyle Murphree and Bailey Butler with Brooks Mosley

HORNE Graduate Scholarship:  Kellin Mackey and Health Walt with HORNE’s John Scott



Ben Head Scholarship: Nicholas Parrott with the Head Family

Bill & Susan Baker Scholarship:  Michael Groves with the Bakers

BKD Scholarship:  Kaleigh Callender, Elizabeth Eaterling and Emily Frady with BKD’s Jerry Goolsby

C Spire Scholarship:  Ali Evans, Taylor Wallace and Adam Dearing with C Spire’s Ben Pace

CBIZ Scholarship:  Ali Evans, Anna Butler and Jesslyn Brewer with CBIZ’s Melanie Corrigan

Deloitte Scholarship:  Erin Williams with Deloitte’s Clark Price and Chad Boyd

Dixon Hughes Goodman Scholarship:  Emma Wiygul with Dixon Hughes Goodman’s Matt Clements

Don & Peggy Whitmire Scholarship:  Landon Seller, Lexie Turner and Carolyn Berverly

Donald & Linda Garrett Scholarship:  Austin Laney

E & Y Scholarship:  Jess Morris and Julianna Harris with EY’s Mackenzie Taylor

Haddox Reid Eubank Betts Scholarship:  Cody Tompkins with Haddox Reid Eubank Betts’ Jan Lewis

HORNE Scholarship:  Katelyn Shindala,  Claire Cornelius, Madison Gray, Abbey Rhodes, Morgan Little and Lauren Evans with HORNE’s John Scott

Jackson/Crumpton Scholarship:  Joe Hill, Nicole Moffett and LaDarrion Grant

Jobie Melton Scholarship:  Alex East, Kate Thomas, Kendall Davidson and Sam Mosley

John Ferguson Scholarship:  Lexie Turner

KPMG Scholarship:  Madison Wadley, Jalisa Slater and Adam Mowdy with KPMG’s David Hopkins

Mike McIlwain Scholarship:  Aimee Garnier with Mike McIlwain

Philip & Sandra Smith Scholarship:  Matthew Ferris and Madison Gray

Roger Boatner Scholarship:  Gage Tegethoff

Roger Hill Memorial Scholarship:  Anny Byrd, Blake Slaughter, Robyn Cullen

Stephen Burwell Scholarship:  Sloan Davis, Erica Soldan, Vy Nguyen, Carley Cook, Matthew Ferris, Jesslyn Brewer, Haley Chisholm, Anna Belle Butler, Molly Morris with Amanda Price

T. E. Lott Scholarship: Mitch Shaw with T.E. Lott’s Aubrey Adair

Troy Baldwin Scholarship:  Austin Richey

Warren Averett Scholarship:  Carlee McDonald with Warren Averett’s Chip Hoover

William Gulledge Scholarship:  Austin Laney, Caroline Edmonson, Cade Junkin and Camryn Kestenbaum